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  Text Topics
Text categorization in terms of predetermined keywords from a thesaurus of about 4000 items (from the library of the Swedish Parliament, s.c. Djupindexering application).
submitted text
A report on a text entered to the demo window shows counts of text items and vocabulary items of various types, e.g. sentences, nouns, words of communication, etc.
submitted text
Tagging is exemplified with part of speech annotation: with standard tags (e.g. used in Stockholm-Umeå-Corpus) and with LexWord's own tags. Content words are indexed with topics which they usually realise (not sense-disambiguated).
submitted text
Extraction of queried classes of items from a text entered in the demo window is exemplified with selection of most frequent text words and vocabulary words, the latter are identified in complex words as well.
  Word Trace
submitted words:
hand, huvud,
många, ny, väl
Vocabulary words entered in the demo window are identified in a longer already provided text. All attested forms of these words are listed, in simplex and complex words. Occurrances in complex words are shown in context.
  Topic Trace
submitted topics:
eating, food
Topics available for quering are listed in the demo in two columns: one for positive and one for negative selection (e.g. building & not architecture). Text fragments which possibly bear relevance on the chosen topics are selected from a longer already provided text.