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  Applications Topics
Word tracing
Topic tracing
main topics in a text
counts of various langauge units
mark-up of text words
selection of language units
looking for specific vocabulary units
looking for specific topics
  Demo window First an application needs to be chosen from the list-box menu in the upper part of the demo window. Input to each application is entered in the upper field: either a text sample (up to 30000 characters) or query conditions. In the latter case an already supplied text sample is used (about 20000 words). The retrieved data appear in the lower field, each selection is provided with a label.
  Query items Two types of items can be queried: vocabulary words or topics. A vocabulary word is not the same as a text word, e.g. if ordbok is entered, all and only its occurrances are selected, e.g. synonymordböckerna but not rekordbok. Several words can be entered, separated with commas or spaces. Topics can be selected either alone or in combinations.
  After pressing the button allow a few seconds for the demo-applet to load.