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  Dictionary 80000 vocabulary entries of the Swedish dictionary (based on the "Nationalencyklopedins ordbok").
    Basic glossaries of English, French, German, Latin.
    50000 proper names: people, places, organisations, etc.
    Representation of Swedish inflection corresponding to 800000 forms.
    75 inflection descriptions 11 parts of speech 48 form types.
    Links among lexical units: hypo/hypernymy, synonymy, derviations, compound components.
    Specification of: ethymology, usage and topic (about 100 topic categories).
    Grammar includes 400 word formation rules, 500 general phrase rules and 700 collocational patterns.
  Linguistic engine Lexware development begun in 1995, it is a registered trade mark since 2000.
    Already in the beginning the engine is quick - about 20000 words are analyzed in a second on a PIII 800Mhz (lazy analysis strategy).
    98% coverage is obtained with unique recognition.
    Analysis engine is written in standard C, applications in standard Java, hence the system is fully portable.
    Best in external evaluation of a text categorization application for documents of the Swedish Parliament - Djupindexering.
  Djupindexering A text categorization application which exploits Lexware's possiblities to integrate its knowledge of Swedish with a thesaurus from the Library of the Swedish Parliament.